Come to the door, let’s have a bore 
Open the window, take in the sores 
The trees and the bees that’s been before 
Seek yourselves within your lore 

Toes in the sand, let’s take a walk 
Say what you want, we’ll build a wall 
A tickin’ and a tockin’ boppin’ in your head 
Know your manners and your words would pave your way 

Two men on Mars, a flickering dot 
No resolutions knocking at her door 
Two feet apart, caught in a knot 
He seeks forgiveness but she’s out of love 

Let’s prove our love through digital reminders 
Will we remember all the galleries we gathered? 
Wish in a pond, no right or wrong 
Believe in me, oh brother, look above! 

Light my dimmest star! 
Before I go!