LUST is an experimental pop group from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Established in 2013, the group was formed out of members from Orang, Krooktroupe, Speakzodiac, and Middle.
LUST released a debut EP titled ‘chingichanga’ in March 2016. Daniel Peters of Bandwagon describes the album as a “colourful, offbeat debut, brimming with personality” which promises “a heady and rewarding trip”, and UniteAsia finds the band’s music to be an “interesting mix of sounds and colours, but under the madness of eclectic layers there is definitely a strong sense of melody”.
The release was marked with a Peninsular Tour which included Malaysia, Southern Thailand, and Singapore from April to July 2016, and followed by an Indonesian Tour across Java to Bali. LUST had the honor to open for Danish rock act, Mew in conjunction with 2017’s Urbanscapes Arts Festival. LUST has enjoyed successful sales from their merchandise of shirts, enamel pins and physical albums – with the first press of 500 cds and 30 Indonesia-exclusive cassettes all sold out, and Canadian-pressed cassettes on sale under Teenage Head Records.
Three years on, the band returns with ‘Tekesima’, a twelve-track record that explores the wide-eyed transition into adulthood, and discovering the weight that it brings in an age of modernity and excess.


Faris Khairi
Azfar Abu Bakar
Anaqi Jamalluddin
Past member:
Nazrin Yusnaidi
Guest musicians:
Omar Aiman
Syabil Alyahya
Sasha Ningkan