You’re my only, only, only 
That’s how you weigh 
I know you’re waiting at the gates 
To celebrate 
I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait 
But now I’m gray 
My bags and diamonds on the way 
That’s what he said 
But brother, man I’ll keep my faith 
I know what I’m saying 
I’ll sink and swim beneath the waves 
That’s where you’ll find me 
Another second chance 
I’ll take a different stance 
Or should I just pretend? 
Like all my enemies! 
But I’d do it anyway 
But do I even need to know? 
Dreams in the sky 
I’d like to come back 
Drink in the morning 
Hard to come back 
It’s now! 
It’s now! 
It’s not! 
I’m not! 
I lay, I lay, I lay, I lay 
I only see You when it breaks apart