This is just like a movie 
When there’s so much to say 
Time is slipping straight through me 
Ripping me up to shreds 
Send my wishes to New York City 
Whatever it means in your head 
Maybe I could have said it better 
But you know I know we’re dead 
And all the echos overflow 
You hear things you ought to know 
Let me go one more time 
There’s a show 
Here we are half insane 
Horizon’s flat as a plain 
Holding hands as part of a demand 
To be one to be whole 
to be left in a hole 
to be held to be charged 
to be bent later snapped 
To be soon torn apart 
And all the echoes overflow 
You hear the things you never know 
Here we go one more time 
Make yourselves right at home 
Bare my soul 
I’ve been true to you 
Pull your heart strings 
Until they bleed