“A longing for the unattainable unknown”.
Directed by videographer Amir Johari – who had previously visualized Ramayan’s intensely trippy video “Sepintas Sastera Hati“. Set in the hilly jungles of Cameron Highlands, a man (Aliff Adzham) is drawn deeper into the woods, driven by his curiosity. Additional roles were played by Nu Farain, Sasha Ningkan and our very own Faris Khairi.
“U I Adore” features vocal contributions by upcoming artists Sasha Ningkan and Shuhusna, and drums by Jaggfuzzbeats member Omar Aiman. The track was co-recorded with Syabil Al-Yahya of Golden Mammoth, mixed and mastered by Shariman Shuhaime at Melodiya Recordings.